UK Premiere & BIFA Award!

L to R Meraim Abbas (Dijla) Maysoon Pachachi (writer-director) Darina Al Joundi (Sara) Badia Obaid (Sabiha)

Press Release

6 December, 2022

Kulshi Makoo (English title: OUR RIVER…OUR SKY) had its UK premiere at the Raindance Film Festival in London in October 2022

It was the only Arab film to win an award at this year’s British Independent Film Awards, where it was nominated tor 3 awards:

Zainab Joda in the role of Reema for best supporting actor, Leila Bertrand for casting and

the entire cast of the film for best ensemble performance, which it won.

This was a collective prize for all the many actors in this multiple-story film.

At the prestigious event, held on Sunday, December 4th in London

the award was presented to director Maysoon Pachachi, and attending actors:

Darina El-Joundi, Basim Hajar, Badia Obaid and Meriam Abbas

The film had its World premiere at the Sarajevo Film Festival and after that was screened at the San Francisco Arab Film Festival, Cairo International Film Festival, Arab Film Festival in Berlin, Regard Sud Arab Film Festival in Lyon, France at the Ciné Lumière,

the Institute of the Arab World in Paris, Slemani International Film Festival

Trivandrum International Film Festival, Kerala, India, Alfilm Arab Film Festival in Berlin, MALMO Arab Film Festival in Sweden, ROTTERDAM Arab Film Festival, AMMAN International Film Festival, Festival du Film Arabe, Metz, France, Festival Du Film Franco-Arabe, Romainville, Paris, France, Casablanca International Film Festival, Morocco.

Recent screenings have been at the Doha Film Institute and the Franco-Arab Film Festival in Baghdad.

The film is set in Baghdad in the last week of 2006, between Christmas and Eid Al Adha. It tells the intersecting stories of residents in a mixed neighbourhood, as they try to hang on to a sense of normality and live their daily lives in spite of the intense violence and nightly curfews with which they are having to live. At the heart of the film, is the story of Sara, a writer and single mother, trying to protect her daughter, shocked into silence by the violence and not able to write one word of fiction anymore. As the year ends, Sara and her neighbours face an uncertain future as they try each day to renew a fragile sense of hope.

Kulshi Makoo” (Our River…Our Sky) was directed by Maysoon Pachachi and co-written with Dr. Irada Al-Jubouri . It features

Darina Al-Joundi, as Sara, Basim Hajar, as Kamal, the taxi driver, Meriam Abbas as Dijla, his sister, Zainab Joda as Reema, Sara’s daughter, revered Iraqi actor Mahmoud Abu Al-Abbas,as Abu Haider, Zaydun Salman Khalaf as Kareem the baker, Sami Al-Ali as Nabil, Amed Hashimi as Yahya, Sara’s brother, Labwa Arab as Kamal’s pregnant wife and Ali Kareem as the boatman, among many others.

MAD Solutions distributes the film in the Arab world and North Africa.

The world sales agent is The Party Film Sales in France.

Baghdad-set drama nominated for Best UK Feature at Raindance 2022

Veteran documentary filmmaker Maysoon Pachachi’s debut fiction feature OUR RIVER…OUR SKY
(Arabic title KULSHI MAKOO) will have its UK premiere at the 30th edition of Raindance Film Festival
(26 October – 5 November, 2022).

Programmed in the festival’s “Homegrown” strand, the October 29 premiere at Curzon Cinema Soho
will be presented by the film’s London-based director, who will be joined by several of the film’s UK-
based cast and crew.

Says Pachachi: “When I set up my film production company in London in 1993, it was in direct response
to the Gulf War. Since then, I have aimed to share authentic stories of Iraqis and other people from
the Middle East with British audiences – initially through a documentary film I made for Channel 4 and
now, many years later, with this ensemble narrative inspired by the lives of real people coping during
the time of intense sectarian violence that began unfolding in 2006.”

The film is one of five films nominated in the overall selection of 45 films for BEST UK FEATURE.

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Our River Our Sky has been screened at the following festivals so far!

World Premiere : SARAJEVO Film Festival (August 2021)

North America Premiere : SAN FRANCISCO Arab FilmFestival (October 2021)

Mena Premiere : CAIRO International Film Festival (November 2021)

Iraqi Premiere : SLEMANI International Film Festival (December 2021)

Asian Premiere : TRIVANDRUM International Film Festival of Kerala (March 2022)

French Premieres : LYON Institut Lumière – Regard Sud festival (April 2022) & PARIS Institut du Monde Arabe (May 2022)

German Premiere : BERLIN Alfilm Arab Film Festival (April 2022)

Swedish Premiere : MALMO Arab Film Festival (May 2022)

Dutch Premiere : ROTTERDAM Arab Film Festival (June 2022)

Jordan Premiere : AMMAN International Film Festival (July 2022)

Premiere at Sarajevo Film Festival!

We had a good screening in Sarajevo, with an impassioned introduction of the film by the director of the festival, Mirsad Purivatra, and a lively post-screening discussion, led by a very perceptive and empathetic moderator.

An interview by Nina Rothe at MIME with director, Maysoon Pachachi and producer Talal Al-Muhanna, on the eve of the film’s premiere in Sarajevo. Read it on MIME.

An interview by Marta Balaga for VARIETY about OUR RIVER…OUR SKY with director, Maysoon Pachachi & producer, Talal Al- Muhanna. Read it on Variety.

OUR RIVER… OUR SKY World Premiere

Sarajevo Film Festival. August 19, 2021, at 6pm.

The film will screen as part of ‘Dealing with the Past’, a specially curated program in which stories of past and present conflicts are brought to light with a view to communal healing.

Ever since screenwriters Irada Al-Jubori and Maysoon Pachachi began collaborating on the script, ‘creativity as an act of resistance’ was a part of the DNA of their project in so many ways: SFF was launched to support and inspire the people of Sarajevo during the 1992-95 war.

We can’t think of a better context in which to introduce this film to the world, for the first time, than as part of this special program in Sarajevo.